Becoming a step parent

By | January 3, 2017

Many people  refer to step parenting as blending families, whereby a couple may want to live together but each have children from former relationships. Obviously, this scenario is never going to be a bed or roses as you will have kids from totally different upbringings, suddenly living together, under one roof. Then there is obviously the situation where kids from the opposite partner may dislike their new step parent, possibly making comparisons to their blood parent of the same sex.


Experts say the most important aspect of step parenting is showing your step kids love, regardless of how they might react. This follows the theory that if you show enough love, eventually it will be returned. Step parents have to keep in mind they are adults and the child is a child. This may sound obvious but many overlook it. Be patient , just keep showing love to them. It is natural for them to be protective of their blood relatives first and foremost.


Good communication with your partner is also extremely important. Discuss with them, once the kids are asleep or at school, situations that have occurred and you will slowly find solutions to stop them happening again. The same is true where a situation has gone well, you should discuss how it came about and use it in the future.


Lastly compile lists of these incidents and how you overcame them as they may not be that common in the future and you may forget the solution. Also, read books about parenting. People often think well what does the author know about their own situation but there maybe small things the author suggests that are useful.