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Broken clocks and bad luck.

Hello! I hope you’re all doing well.  Thanks for stopping by my Home and Garden blog, if you haven’t read any of my posts before I’m Jen and this is Internet Kitchen Appliances where I talk about tips and tricks for keeping a beautiful home and garden, and any great deals I find online. I… Read More »

Becoming a step parent

Many people  refer to step parenting as blending families, whereby a couple may want to live together but each have children from former relationships. Obviously, this scenario is never going to be a bed or roses as you will have kids from totally different upbringings, suddenly living together, under one roof. Then there is obviously… Read More »

Fairy Garden

Fairy Garden Hi folks, so today I’m going to share with you my wonderful gardening project that I created with the help of my kids. We found lots of beautiful bits and pieces second hand and really cheap on What makes up a fairy garden? It’s really only limited by your imagination, but in general… Read More »