How to get rid of flies

By | February 1, 2017

How to get rid of flies

Everybody knows that. You are at home or in the garden. Ready to take a small break, enjoy life and a piece of cake as well as nice, freshly brewed cup of coffee. And then they come. Inevitable. Annoying. Buzzing around your head, and even worse, around your delicious cake. Flies! That’s it. The peace is over. The precious moment ruined. No more enjoyment. But what can you do about it? Luckily a lot of things.


Flies can’t stand certain scents and therefor will leave you alone. Lavender is very affective such as bay. At your home can put a bunch of them onto the window sill. If you have a garden you can plant different herbs such as basil or tomato.

You can use natural scent oils as well. Just mix them with water and pour them into a spray bottle. Now distribute that mixture at home and flies will give a wide berth to it.
You can also fill small cotton sacs with dried juniper, bay, lavender or cloves and hang them up at various locations.

Another way is to build your own trap. This can be easily done using parchment or baking paper. Cut that into small strips from about 1 inch. Roll them up gently, so if the unfold, they form a nice, downward spiral.
Afterwards coat them with a thin layer of sugar beet or maple syrup. You can even use honey. Finally use a thread to place them next to doors and windows. This way you are using just natural ingredients, which can be found in every household, to catch the flies.

Even jars can be used to build a trap in no time as long as the have a proper lid. Simply pour in some lemonade or sugared water. Afterwards cut some holes into the lid. They should be roughly the size of a penny.
This trap is even more effective if you put in one or two dashes of dish washing liquid. That way you reduce the surface tension of the water and the flies can’t get a hold onto it.