Welcome to my Home and Garden blog!

By | December 5, 2016

Hello there! I’m Jen, and welcome to my brand spanking new blog about all things Home and Garden.  I’ve always loved DIY and interior design, and after buying a house wanted somewhere to share my journey as we get the house from zero to hero.

Earlier this year, after almost a decade of saving, me and my partner bought our first house.  It’s a fairly standard two up, two down detached house, in an ‘up and coming’ neighbourhood in London.  We managed to get it at a relatively cheap price considering the current market.  But that meant that the house needed a lot of work, and although we’ve done a lot already we’re less than half way through the journey.

One of the things this blog will focus on is tips and tricks I’ve compiled and developed so far in our renovations, and the renovations we still have to come.  Another focal point will be the different DIY missions (and fails) and design stages (the good, the bad, and the ugly) that we go through as we try to make the house feel like home.

I hope you enjoy reading this blog.